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Stomp on Smoking Event

November 16, 2023

The Stomp on Smoking Event
As part of The Great American Smokeout, on November 16, Healwithin is having a group smoking cessation workshop here in Glendale from 6 to 8 p.m. Register today.

For the price of one week’s cigarettes, you can be a non-smoker for good!

If you smoke a pack of Marboros daily, that’s $10.00 a day, $70.00 a week, $280.00 a month. If you are smoking Amerian Spirit because they have been advertised as “healthier,” those are $15.00 per pack and cost you $105.00 a week, $420.00 a month! You can be a non-smoker for $79.00. Think of all the things you can spend that extra money on!

Be a Non-Smoker in 2023
Matt Damon, Britney Spears, Ben Affleck, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Barrymore, and Samuel Jackson… all stopped smoking through hypnosis – YOU CAN, too!

Bridge the gap between wanting to quit and kicking the habit.
Ready to Stop Smoking/Vaping?!

No drugs, gum, or patches – Hypnosis makes it easy!

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