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Real-Talk with Jim Lutes

April 4, 2023

Join Liza as she interviews Jim Lutes. Mr. Lutes has accelerated top-level entrepreneurs throughout his career by conducting trainings on personal growth and subconscious programming worldwide. During this time, Jim combined his skills regarding the human mind with training on influence, persuasion, and communication strategies. He launched Lutes International in the early 1990s.

Based in San Diego, California, Jim has taught seminars for corporations, sales forces, individuals, and athletes. Having appeared on television, radio, and worldwide stages, Jim's style, knowledge, and effectiveness provide profound results. “Jim Lutes possesses a unique ability to create performance change in an individual in a fraction of the time it takes his competitors.”

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Liza is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her journey in the field of hypnotherapy and alternative healing began when she was overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure and stress.

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