What Secrets Do You Carry?

Holding onto past secrets can weigh heavily on our shoulders emotionally and physically. These secrets often carry with them feelings of shame, guilt, fear, and other negative emotions that can become heavy burdens, dragging you down and impacting your overall well-being.

  • Have you ever felt the weight of untold secrets impacting your well-being?
  • Are hidden secrets holding you back from living your fullest life?
  • Do you struggle with the emotional burden of keeping secrets?

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Secrets Can Eat At You

By keeping these secrets buried deep within, you’re essentially expending tremendous energy to maintain the facade of normalcy or protect yourself from potential judgment or consequences. This emotional burden can manifest physically, leading to stress, tension, and even illness as your body struggles to cope with the internal turmoil.

However, something transformative happens when you start peeling away the layers of secrecy and shame and start expressing your truth. By acknowledging and releasing these hidden emotions, you lighten your emotional load and create space for healing and growth.

As you let go of the weight of your secrets, you often find yourself feeling lighter, freer, and more alive! The release of pent-up emotions can be incredibly cathartic, allowing you to breathe more deeply and move through life more easily and authentically.

  • Have you considered how releasing secrets could lead to a lighter, more fulfilling life?
  • Are you ready to break free from the chains of secrecy and embrace a brighter future?

Release What is Hidden

Hypnotherapy is one of the most natural and effective ways to help you shed emotional baggage, and it can also have a tangible impact on your physical health. As you evoke to release the energetic weight of your past burdens, you embrace all that you are and find yourself shedding physical weight as well. This is not necessarily about dieting or exercise but rather about the interconnectedness of your emotional and physical well-being.

Take a moment to consider the following experiences. For each one, ask yourself: Have I had an experience like that? And if so, was it ever a secret?

Even if you have discussed the experience with someone, if you still intend to keep it from someone else, it would still be a secret. Here are the top 20 secrets. Do you identify with 3 or more of the following?

  • Hurt another person (emotionally or physically)
  • Illegal drug use or abuse of a legal drug (e.g., alcohol, painkillers)
  • Habit or addiction (but not involving drugs)
  • Theft (any kind of taking without asking)
  • Physical self-harm
  • Abortion
  • A traumatic experience (other than the above)
  • A lie
  • A violation of someone’s trust (other than by a lie)
  • Romantic desire – discontent (being unhappy in a relationship)
  • Sexual Abuse
  • A relationship with someone who is cheating on someone else to be with you
  • Physical discontent (dislike of appearance or something physical about yourself)
  • Mental health struggles
  • A family secret
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual behavior (or sexual orientation)
  • Not having sex
  • A hidden belief (e.g., political, religious, views about social groups, prejudices)
  • Finances (overspending, amount of money you have)

So, if you find yourself weighed down by old secrets and emotional burdens, know that there is hope.

Book a session with Liza. Liberate yourself from the chains of secrecy and shame and reclaim your power over your own life today. It is time to feel free and evolve with compassion and self-love.

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Liza is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her journey in the field of hypnotherapy and alternative healing began when she was overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure and stress.

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