Weight Gain – 9 Contributing Factors

Weight gain—we’ve all been there. What contributes to weight gain, and what can help you drop it?

As we navigate the complex landscape of factors contributing to weight gain, hypnotherapy emerges as a powerful tool. It offers a mind-body approach to tackle underlying issues such as stress eating and emotional imbalances. By addressing these root causes, hypnotherapy can pave the way for sustainable weight management and a healthier lifestyle.

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Consider whether any of these unexpected factors might be contributing to your struggle to shed unwanted weight or maintain a healthy weight. You might find these interesting.

9 Contributing Factors to Weight Gain

Sleep Deprivation

Insufficient sleep can contribute to weight gain, whether due to staying up late, irregular work hours, or sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Late-night snacking and disrupted hormone levels that increase hunger can result from insufficient sleep.


High levels of stress can disrupt hormone levels, leading to increased appetite. Stress eating, often involving comfort foods, can further exacerbate weight gain.


Being a workaholic can lead to heightened stress levels and decreased physical activity, particularly if long hours are spent sitting at a
desk or in front of a computer.

Insufficient Caloric Intake

Skipping meals or not consuming enough food can slow metabolism and encourage energy storage, potentially leading to weight gain.
Furthermore, skipping meals may result in overeating at subsequent meals due to increased hunger.

Fast Eating Habits

Eating quickly can lead to overconsumption because the brain requires time to register satiety signals. Slowing down and savoring meals
can help prevent overeating.

Water Retention

While some water retention, such as during menstruation, is natural, persistent water retention may indicate underlying health conditions, such as heart, kidney, or liver issues.


Certain prescription medications may have weight gain as a side effect. It’s crucial to consult a healthcare provider before discontinuing any prescribed medication.

Influence of Family and Friends

Unintentionally, loved ones may set unhealthy eating examples or pressure individuals to overeat. Being mindful of portion sizes and learning to decline food offers gracefully can help maintain a healthy diet.

Excessive Screen Time

Extended periods of sedentary behavior, such as being on the computer or watching television, coupled with frequent snacking, can contribute to weight gain. Addressing emotional eating habits and making sustainable lifestyle changes are essential steps toward achieving lasting weight management goals.

Identifying Habits Contributing to Weight Gain

  1. Can you identify the emotions or feelings associated with these habits?
  2. How do these habits make you feel in the moment?
  3. How do you think changing the emotional connection to these habits could positively impact your life?

From overcoming phobias and reducing anxiety to managing chronic pain and breaking unwanted habits like overeating, hypnotherapy can address underlying subconscious beliefs and traumas, allowing you to gain insight and cultivate positive change from within.

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Liza talks about how pitfalls can cause weight gain

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