Function of the Mind

Discover how understanding and harnessing your mindset can lead to profound personal transformation and a more fulfilling life.

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A Journey to Dubia – Function of the Mind

Liza was a speaker at the Disrupt HR conference in Dubia. Her talk was applauded for its thorough discussion of the function of the mind in relation to human resources. Please watch the video.

Understanding the Power of Mindset: Transforming Your Life

Did you know that there are 1,440 minutes in a day? How we choose to spend each minute can shape our entire lives. This realization drives the importance of being mindful and intentional about our daily activities.

As humans, we often operate on autopilot, following ingrained patterns without questioning their origins. This automatic behavior can lead to a sense of being stuck or unfulfilled. The key to breaking free lies in understanding what drives our actions and emotions.

Liza’s journey began in the corporate world over 25 years ago. Despite professional success, she experienced overwhelming stress that affected her health and well-being. Working long hours without considering the emotional toll led to burnout. She realized that her actions were driven by a need to meet external expectations, rather than her own desires and needs.

Stress manifests in various ways, and it’s essential to recognize its impact on our lives. For Liza, stress was a silent force that drove her to prioritize work over everything else, including her health. This realization was a turning point. She began to understand that many of us carry emotional burdens, often without recognizing them. These burdens shape our behaviors and choices.

Our subconscious mind plays a crucial role in how we respond to life’s challenges. It stores our memories, regulates our emotions, and influences our actions. Much like a cell phone storing data, our minds store emotional experiences that can dictate our responses to future events. If we don’t address and release these stored emotions, they can manifest as unhealthy habits or stress.

To transform our lives, we must become aware of these subconscious patterns. This awareness allows us to consciously create new, healthier habits. It’s about replacing old, negative patterns with positive, intentional actions. This transformation starts with understanding that we have the power to change.

Recognizing that our thoughts and emotions influence our physical and mental health is crucial. By addressing these elements, we can create a balanced and fulfilling life. This process requires patience and practice, but the rewards are profound.

Ultimately, personal transformation begins with self-awareness. Understanding and valuing oneself is the foundation for creating positive change. It’s about realizing that every minute counts and making conscious choices that align with our true selves. By doing so, we can achieve a state of well-being and happiness.

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Cause and Effect of Stress – Video

Liza’s Heal Talk Tuesday looks at how hypnotherapy and understanding stress’s root causes and effects can empower you to manage it more effectively.

Hypnotherapy and understanding stress’s root causes and effects can empower you to manage it more effectively.

Transcript of Function of the Mind


Did you know that there are
1040 minutes in a day?
Each and every week one of you sent and I made it.
Do it with you something.
So what exactly were you doing?
As humans, we are in addition to a forward anybody,
because everything you need to do is really be in the pattern.
Do you know what you’re doing? How do you know
that? I’m a walking animal in my own house.
So what exactly were you tied and why am I here?
And what was that after you was stressed?
As a clinical kid in the upper office, she doesn’t have any burn-outs in it.
I come from the corporate world.
Over 25 years ago,
I went into the district to a degree.
And after having an incredible stress prep,
where I have photo-will, need-time water, and I look like this.
If you talk in a kind of weirdly sweet or get back here,
you know, an unkindly way,
working over 12 hours today,
don’t make sure it’s very exciting.
And it’s so promising in presence after the divorce.
Not realizing what’s happening to me, because I see it from a
silent working harvest, maybe providing everything for the company.
Sadly, we are sure that a world-room child and a smooth.
So if you said I was saying this, because actually this,
because of what we need, that I was having emotions.
So what were the impacts that I knew about?
We got a harvest that I created from a pain that I was taking us to pain.
Now what was the pain?
When we moved forward in life,
only to let go of the release.
Place the new normal act of your field.
Start out the new little bed and water to be brought up, or the night or so.
Like all we want to do is look for something that I work with,
try to create a new amount of form in the heat here.
Today, I’m going to stand with you that almost should go.
over the line, which is like your song.
But forget this is a problem.
Because obviously you look, listen, and learn.
This is a problem to explain what it does.
is to get in information from a daily reward in terms of the moment.
Second thing that it does is regulate your entire volume.
and the third is recall everything.
So just like your phone, imagine that you yourself all, right?
See your entire thing and do it really.
Every act you have all that cell phone is memories and you need your skin habit.
But it’s like the cell phone that will shift because you’re a college of class.
You take that shit out.
This phone doesn’t work.
Now, if I don’t do shit, I can have it.
Imagine, I have a friend coming to my office.
It’s not a whole thing.
And that’s what it comes as a kind of white one to talk about.
And it’s really about the truth of all that is the cell.
I have a very small phone by yours.
Most of us start out with like smoke and size of your phone changes.
Why? Because of your pressure.
And it is what we can get right.
You didn’t see it.
You didn’t recognize it.
It’s a big phone cigarette.
The day you came home from the larger general.
And everyone was in there and visiting a patient and he said, “I have a cigarette.”
He talked with a cigarette. Who’s there and from there?
It’s hot. It’s in its over.
The connection is about not realizing why he created that act.
So again, we removed from a pain factor and pulled on to something.
In order for us to receive that award,
the reward and edit the mom to do this.
The day that I came to come in and I’ll work with you because of the reward.
You now call our waiter who is.
I’m going to face my son.
I’m going to be something into her lunch.
It is only two steps.
Why? The number of practices.
We’ve got the ages of the mom.
And you’re visiting, you’re in a song now.
All the resources that eventually do not give you yourself is why I’m in a code.
This is business now.
Your live will work you down.
It’s starting in the thought process.
50 emotions and the body will be asked to promote and set in path.
So first, and not express.
Especially when I come through the book.
Or when you dream.
So I’m going to go here and have habits.
And you have a happy, like it’s no longer that I need you.
Thank you.
You have the other thing that you trained at.
It is not where I’ll be to the daughter and the other side of the worker.
But the more I understand the amount of connection.
by the whole of that’s the thing that we will say.
I don’t know what you’re talking about that.
In coding.
Every single minute of your life.
And I want to turn around and say.
It’s not only about law, the AI, the AI, the AI, the AI, the AI.
It starts with I.
So I matter.
You matter.
You’re a complete matter.
You’re a complete matter.
That’s what I meant to help.
And this is what I know.
And I can be emotional with God.
All of my life.
We myself and I, my body, my emotions.
I’ll end.
Thank you.

Liza is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her journey in the field of hypnotherapy and alternative healing began when she was overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure and stress.

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