Healing Cocoon – Coping with Cancer through Self-Hypnosis

Healing Cocoon – Coping with Cancer through Self-Hypnosis


The ‘Healing Cocoon’ hypnosis recording is with powerful suggestions to help and support you during your process. It can be difficult to deal with the daily stress, anxiety, and even depression that go hand in hand with having cancer, that is why the suggestions in this recording are specifically designed to help you feel at ease as you develop a more positive mental attitude towards your body and treatment.  Let the suggestions empower you to gather your courage to cope with cancer and begin the process of healing.   I am here for you. Find out more.


How to cope with cancer through self-hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a guide that leads you from your conscious state into a state of calm relaxation. The relaxed state allows you to develop a new perspective on your condition. Positive feelings ensue and you are better able to communicate with your body through the subconscious mind. Instead of working through an analytical mode of thought, your mind shifts to a synthetic mode of thinking. This allows greater communication between emotion, sensations and the body. In turn, you have greater control of your body on physical and psychological levels.

Self-hypnosis is also very effective in modulating pain. Sensations of pain are closely associated with depression and anxiety. Hypnosis can help you lessen cancer pain by removing the negative feelings that accompany it. This process also helps you replace pain sensations with pleasant ones.

Visualization is a powerful tool in self-hypnosis because the subconscious mind does not distinguish between reality and imagination. Self-hypnosis helps you focus on positive emotions and sensations, making them real in the mind. Your body, then, responds in kind.

Breast cancer patients need fewer anesthetics during operations and reported less pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress after the operation, if they have been relaxed by hypnosis beforehand, US research suggests. Patients in the study of 200 women by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine also reported less pain afterward.

See our Cancer page for more information.  Breastcancer.org shows many reasons for how hypnosis can help you.


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