Freedom From Clutter

Freedom From Clutter


Best selling author Mel Mason is The Clutter Expert. As a sexual abuse survivor, she grew up depressed, suicidal, and surrounded by clutter. What she realized after coming back from the brink of despair and getting through her own chaos was that the outside is just a mirror of the inside.

And if you only organize the outside without changing the inside, the clutter keeps coming back. That’s why you can clear a surface or organize your closet, and in no time, it’s cluttered back up again. So, that set her on a mission to empower people around the world to get free from clutter and experience more happiness and more abundance in every area of their lives.

Since then she’s used her own experience to create a step-by-step process designed to help you get free from clutter without feeling overwhelmed, which also keeps the clutter from coming back.

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The bestselling author of The 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success teaches you not only how to apply her step-by-step process to the stuff that has accumulated on the outside, she shows you how to address the root of the clutter, the stuff on the inside as well, in her new book Freedom From Clutter. You don’t have to know why you hang onto things or get through all of your clutter before you can start having amazing results. The Freedom From Clutter approach is all about making space for the magic to happen. All you need to do is to be willing to make space and the magic happens. In the midst of the home organizing obsession, Mel Mason goes beyond just teaching you how to organize the clutter you have and shows you exactly how it accumulates in the first place. Get to know what really causes the pile creep, the drawers that are overflowing, the closets that are jam-packed, and not being able to park your car in the garage. Mel is here to remind you that your clutter didn’t accumulate overnight, and it won’t go away in one decluttering session either. With Freedom From Clutter, you’ll soon be tackling one square foot at a time and before you know it, you’ll have clean, clear space throughout your entire house.


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