Easy Childbirth

Easy Childbirth


Easy Delivery!  This powerful audio recording that is to help you Give Birth Effortlessly and with no pain. The Easy Childbirth hypnosis recording helps you acknowledge that what you experience during labor are contractions only and will soon end. As you listen, you’ll incorporate suggestions and internal dialogue with your body and baby.  Your body knows best.  Within hours you’ll feel the benefits, as your concern ceases and you begin looking forward to the most amazing process, calmly and confidently. Find out more about Hypnobirthing

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Learn how the Easy Childbirth audio recording can help you have a stressfree birth, better for baby and mother.

How does stress affect your baby?

Stress during pregnancy and the mother’s anxiety may reduce blood flow to the womb and thereby reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients the baby receives through the placenta. Scans have shown that there is reduced blood flow to the baby in anxious mothers. Undue and prolonged mother stress can, it seems, affect the unborn fetus emotionally and physically, to the extent that its IQ can be lowered.

How Hypnosis Can Help

When a woman prepares for childbirth with hypnosis the hypnotic suggestions aim to reduce and replace fear and expectations of pain with stress-free, safe, gentle, and even a comfortable birth.

Here you will learn self-hypnosis, using techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, and affirmations, connecting with your body and baby, concentrating on the sound of your breathing. You will learn word associating and vocabulary to describe labor and birth, to break the traditional association of birth with pain. For instance, having contraction vs. pain, or refer to dilation as blossoming.

The CDC has some other tips for having a healthy baby.  If you are smoking, we recommend you Stomp on Smoking, and if you feel you are having problems dropping weight after your pregnancy, Drop Weight Audio recording can help you with that.

Taking just 25-40 minutes in a day to listen to any of these hypnosis sessions will make changes in your mind and body. These powerful suggestions could save you countless days of stress and duress. It can happen naturally and effortlessly. For better results, I recommend you listen to the CD’s at least three to five times a week.


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