Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Fed up with your weight yo-yo-ing with ineffective diets?

Which you could be at your optimum weight?

Does that scale control your mood?

Do the numbers on that scale control your feelings about your body?

Does your weight affect how you function the entire day?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then the solution is here!

hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy and You

Hypnotherapy for weight loss isn’t meant to be a “diet” but rather a method to help you be successful with shifting your belief system about your body image, eating healthier and be motivated to exercise.

Hypnotherapy helps you experience multi-sensory what it feels like when you are strong, fit, and in control to overcome your mental barriers to achieving those goals.

Hypnotherapy is a Weight Loss Method That Works

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is certainly an appealing idea – it gives you a relatively easy out of your weight problem by stopping your cravings for food at the source. Hypnosis for weight loss is more science than magic.

When you enter a state of deep, relaxed concentration in which you are more suggestible, the positive suggestions and ideas put into your subconscious mind during a hypnosis session are much more likely to stick

You are craving and have the urge to eat because of “conditioning.”

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can resolve the underlying psychological problems causing you to experience intense cravings, binge at night, or eat mindlessly.  It helps you identify the triggers and disarm them.

When you associate consuming food with any other behavior, that behavior will trigger cravings for food and a sense of urgency to eat. This is called a conditioned response.

For example: As a child, you always got chocolate when you did something well. As an adult, you are now conditioned to see chocolate as a reward.

You start a diet, and you’re keeping to it very well! What pops into your conscious mind from your subconscious? “You are doing so well; you deserve chocolate!”

Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight loss, we delve into the part of your subconscious mind that plays into your behavior.

We re-educate your subconscious to stop craving the old behavior & high-sugar foods to develop healthy eating habit that feels like second nature.

Where diet pills, drinks, and programs all treat the symptoms of your problem, hypnotherapy looks at the cause programmed into your subconscious mind and corrects or edits it.

Even the CDC agrees with hypnosis as a way of visualizing and seeing yourself thinner.

A session of hypnotherapy for weight loss won’t make you into a robot immune to cravings and programmed not to overeat. It won’t cause those love handles to melt away overnight either magically.

What it can do, though, is make you more likely to adhere to a proper dietary plan and stick to your goal. The effects are entirely mental. Hypnosis can’t “convince” your body to speed up weight loss; it can only implant the idea that you no longer need nor desire to eat that second piece of cake.

In most cases, it is not the amount or type of foods you eat, nor the exercise you do or don’t do.  It is often about how you perceive and feel about yourself and your body.

It is not about depriving you of anything good but knowing what is best for your body.

Do you resonate with any of these? If yes, congratulations!  You are right where you need to be to make the changes you want.

Before you go any further…before you start any weight loss program, I ask that you give some serious thought to your inner self. Be honest and ask yourself if you choose this for your health, your mate, the doctor told you so, plain vanity, or because you want this for YOU?

We specialize in helping you peel away labels, thoughts, words, expectations, and especially feelings about your body that no longer benefits you today – because You Matter.

How Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Works

Through hypnotic suggestions and perhaps some hypnotherapy for weight loss, we help you use your body’s natural impulses to get lean, fit, and healthy. Your body WANTS to be at its best. It desires it! It wants to be ready for anything. Working with your subconscious mind, we help you remove all the barriers one by one. There are no drugs or artificial tricks in losing weight.

These Don’t Work

Calorie counting does not work.  Many of you have suspected this, learned it the hard way, or are just plain sick of it.

We have treated many clients after one or two years of Lap-Band surgery.  Surprised?

Lap-Band surgery works – but it’s not for everyone.

Of course, we know there are no guarantees in life. We at HealWithin empower you first and then work with your conscious and subconscious to manifest your desired transformation.

Lap bands are ideal if the underlying emotional and mental behaviors that made you overweight in the first place are being treated.

So many clients who have come for hypnotherapy have expressed failure, wondering why they gained most of the weight back. The reason is that although the body was fixed temporarily, the emotional unconscious need to feed the self was not treated.

This Does Work

We help your mind, body, and stored emotional weight. We help you uncover, unveil, undo and peel away layer by layer (figure of speech) only to find the true you! Through hypnotherapy for weight loss, you express all the emotions you’ve been carrying for years.  We help your body let go and shed.  Your body knows how naturally.   We do not do the work for you – you do.

Your Personalized, Non-Restrictive Program

My weight loss system “Drop Weight” is designed to help you adapt to this new thought process by helping you to crave foods that are nutritious and good for your body. In effect, we’re not going to “diet” at all.

We’re going to help you to gain confidence, change your mind and heart to crave healthier foods, peel away emotional attachments developed for food, and to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight.

This can happen only when you accept yourself and your body as is and are ready to create a new and better lifestyle!

Your lifestyle is taken into account. No one person is the same. You all have different situations, and you need a solution that works.

The Heal Within Mind-Body Solution to “Drop Weight” uses combinations of science, emotional coaching, lifestyle changes, and many other powerful tools to change your weight and your conscious choices!

These changes will be easy and even welcome! Imagine what it’ll be like when you see a food you used to crave and choose to pass it up simply because it’s no longer a part of the “new you!” This will become easy and effortless!  Think it – and it will.

Begin Your Journey for a Fitter Life

We use hypnotherapy for weight loss to change your relationship with your body, and eating habits, allowing you to drop the extra, unwanted weight.  Both recordings, Drop Weight Now and Mind-Body Movement have powerful messages for your body and mind integrating suggestions for the best weight loss results. “Drop Weight Now’ is a relaxation recording to be played in the comfort of your home (preferably before sleep). The Mind-Body Movement is a unique exercise recording that encourages movement and best used while working out.

Shake Hands With Your Subconscious Mind

The reason you overeat may not be all clear to you. That is, you may not recognize the culprit. And why is this so?  Any motive that is capable of making you operate in a way that causes you long-term physical, emotional, social, or mental discomfort is a motive that has, most likely, been well buried to avoid recognition.  There are a few major causes: You eat →

  • To reward or entertain yourself
  • To lessen or negate an unpleasant experience
  • Because you want to be noticed, to gain authority.
  • When you need love
  • Because you are afraid

There is No Magic Involved in Losing Weight

Your fat cells are like a gas tank on a car in that they store fuel until you need it. When a gas tank is full, you cannot add more gas.

However, our body fat stores continue to expand as long as we take in more energy than we burn.

To lose body fat, you must burn more energy than you eat so your body has to draw upon the fuel stored in fat cells.

The only way to lose weight is to increase the fuel you burn, decrease the amount you consume, or do both simultaneously. The rate you can lose weight is limited by how fast the body burns energy.

Healthy weight loss and maintenance means to eat a healthy diet rich in the nutrients we need without excess calories.

You must never underestimate the importance of sleep to stay healthy in the same way that we all need daily exercise. Unfortunately, wanting something to be true does not make it true.

It is simply not possible for the average person to lose a pound a day even by completely fasting.

Being overweight Has Also Been Associated With the Following Major Health Concerns:

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, millions of Americans have been victimized by the diet industry for too long.

People are spending more money than ever on diet pills, meal replacement shakes, diet books and late-night TV diets than ever before.

  • Coronary heart disease, which is a leading cause of major heart attacks
  • Higher blood cholesterol levels
  • Increased blood pressure levels, which are a major cause of concern because your heart is constantly subjected to strenuous activity
  • Development of type 2 diabetes
  • Increased levels of LDL Cholesterol

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4 Necessary Weight Loss Tips for Your Health

Drink Plenty of Water

Start your day with a glass of water. As soon as you wake up, gulp a glass of cool water. It’s a wonderful way to start your day; you only need a lesser quantity of your breakfast drink after that.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

As mentioned, the body needs a lot of fiber. So do your best to include in your daily diet as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Some high fiber includes Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, Raspberries, mango, persimmons, guava, potatoes, and dark-colored vegetables.


These are your best bet on losing pounds. Nature has a terrific spread when it comes to choosing vegetables. And the leafy green vegetables are your best bet. Do your best to include a salad in your diet. Choose fresh fruit over processed fruits.


You can greatly reduce your risks of developing these and numerous other health problems by losing as little as 10 pounds, incorporating simple and positive thought processes about your body and yourself, creating a joyous and better living environment, becoming aware of what you eat and add daily walks and exercise into your lifestyle today!

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